About Us


Philcos has been in the business for over 30 years.  Originally a supplier of souvenir shirts to stores in downtown Toronto and Niagara Falls (out of the back of a station wagon no less), during this time we have grown to become the premier source for cool merch in Canada.

Business Philosophy

Running a successful business today requires multiple skills to be successful.  One must have the experience to know what has worked in the past along with the ability to continually adapt and transform your thoughts and behaviour to the changing trends and needs of the marketplace.  We pride ourselves in our expertise, while at the same time never allow ourselves to think we have life figured out.  There are always new things to learn, new skills and to master, and new relationships to forge.  Some of the key drivers of our continued success are:


Products and trends change frequently and can be discarded when no longer useful; people do not.  As such we understand the importance of working well with others to create success.  A new program or product idea cannot come to market if the rights-holder does not trust you to do the idea justice.  That new and interesting product cannot come effectively to market if our clients don’t believe in us and our track record enough to invest in it.  Similarly, we have employees across all departments who have been with the company 20+ years.  We value their experience, and know that when treated with respect will generate continued dynamism and creativity.  Nothing can replace a good relationship in business, ever.


A key to successful relationships is the understanding that everyone is different.  Their needs and desires are different, and their methods of reaching their goals can be completely different.  As such, one needs to really listen to understand what’s needed at any particular time.  There are no universal procedures and operating methods that work for everyone.  Flexibility in adjusting to an individual’s needs is key to success.


Change is a constant in our business.  Styles and trends are everchanging, and the ability to recognize and adapt quickly to these changes is key in our industry.  We pride ourselves on offering the freshest, coolest merch anywhere.  We’re not selling milk, and our recognition of this fact and the way in which it shapes our actions is a key driver for us.


When it comes to the brands we represent, we take great pride in our designs and creativity.   Our in-house art department paired with our ability to develop and recognize winning graphics for our clients is second to none. We also understand and adapt to the evolution of trends. Our understanding of these key components is what has allowed us to reach where we are today in the industry, and has provided us with the basis for over 30 years of continued success for our company, our clients, vendors, and partners.


We currently engage in the following activities:

  • Licensing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution to retail within Canada.
  • Tour supply
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Full creative facilities, from conception, to design, to production.  Custom art available upon request.