1) Q: I don’t have a store, but I think you have some awesome stuff. Can I order from you?
A: Sorry, no. What we can do is tell you where there is a store in your area, then you can hassle them to get you that must have item. Contact us for stores in your area.

2)Q: I registered, why can’t I shop?
A) All registration requests must be individually approved by us, which usually takes one business day.

3) Q:Do you ship outside of Canada?
A) Generally speaking no, due to licensing restrictions. There are some items, however, we can ship, especially on the non-licensed side. If you are outside Canada and just have to have it, please contact us.

4)Q: Can I pickup my order?
A) Yes, so long as you are willing to come to our office during normal business hours. Contact your rep to arrange pickup.

5)Q: What is your turn time?
A)1-2 days normally. If you have any special needs, please contact your rep.

6)Q: I have an issue with my rep, who can I speak with about this?
A) You may contact us and we will make every effort at the highest levels to resolve it to your satisfacation. If you have an issue, please do let us know; lack of communication is the biggest stumbling block to success in business, and we want both of us to be successful.

7)Q: Will you ever spam me if I register?
A) We have an active mailing list, from which you are free to unsubscribe from at any time.

8) Q:What’s the deal on shipping?
A) We ship with the cheapest possible courier, usually purolator, but all options are available upon request. Shipping charges are added to invoices, with no upcharge or handling charge.

9) Q:How do I pay for orders?
A) Credit card, unless you have been previously approved for credit.